Lara in her jungle attire.

Lara Croft is a world reknowned tomb raider who has discovered many sites containing artifacts that are fought to have being myths. But at the age of 9, Lara lost her mother under mysterious circumstances after surving a plane crash in the Himalayas. Since then she has decided to find her mother in Avalon where shes is thought to be. She fought a legal battle against her own uncle for the Croft estates after the death of her father, she won but it left her without any relatives. Since then Lara, her butler Winston, tech assistant Zip and historian Alister she travels around the world to find the artifacts nessesary to find her mother. She has never being available for comment which adds to her mystery. Now she must find a way to Avalon and find her mother, whether or not she s alive it does not matter but she is determined to discover her fate. In the game she is a intelligent, beautiful, and often reckless English woman who will do anything for an artifact

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